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We are solution driven entrepreneurs and business consultants.

Bawula’s Group (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black owned technology company managed by solution driven entrepreneurs and business consultants with a broad range of skills and experience in diverse business sectors. The Company  offers varied services and solutions in the Information and Communication Technology, Engineering, Mining and Facilities management. We pride ourselves with delivering quality, dependable and sustainable projects through holistic and integrated business solutions and service offerings. Through out portfolio of solutions offering, we have executed complex projects in mining and information and communication technology through our technology division, Hluri Technologies. 

Vision, Mission & Values

to be a world class leading professional services and solutions provider that create meaningful results for our clients and stakeholders.


we exist to create value for our customers by enabling them to grow through innovative solutions


People: we strive to create a working environment that is centered around teamwork and enable our people to grow and reach their full potential. Respect: we treat our staff and customers with respect. Creativity and Innovation: we strive to lead in the development of sustainable world-class solutions.

Company Structure
Bawula’s Group (Pty) Ltd
Bawula’s Group
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Bawula’s Group
Bawula’s Group offers turnkey end-to-end customer-driven enterprise solutions across different industries
Hluri Technologies
Mining and Instrumentation Technologies
Hluri Technologies
Our technology solutions are tailored to help our clients
Hluri Technologies
Engineering Services
Hluri Technologies
We’re able to weigh each design requirement and implement athe best solutions.
Bawula’s Group
Facilities Management
Bawula’s Group
We offer a range of essential support services in facilities management.